Welcome to the Bruce Bouwman Memorial Page. I’m Lynn Haraldson, the creator of this site. I was married to Bruce from April 3, 1982 until he died on March 22, 1983.

After Bruce died, I promised myself that I would purchase a different headstone for him when I could afford to, one that better reflects who he was. Due to Covid concerns, I postponed the September 4 on-site dedication at the Jasper (MN) cemetery, and that’s why I created this website to celebrate Bruce’s life and honor our memories of him.

The new headstone, made of Jasper quartzite.
Original stone

As you navigate the pages, please feel free to offer your own memories in the Comments section, located at the bottom of each page, and if you have a photo or an audio or video clip you’d like to share, please email me at RememberingBruceB@gmail.com and I will add it.

I know that Bruce memories can make us cry. Happens to me all the time. But I hope that your memories also fill you with joy and peace. Thank you for being here.

Set in place, September 4, 2021. Thank you to our nephew Jason for all your help.
Bruce & our daughter, Carlene (age 8 days)

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  1. Pam (monger) Kuhlman says:

    I knew Bruce in high school, he was a grade behind me. We sang together in Pops group and we had study hall together. He was such a great guy, Always full of laughs and kind. His new headstone is beautiful and perfect for him.

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